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Learn how to speak German in real-world situations. Apply your knowledge from day one.

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Learn at your peak efficiency with tailored private lessons from world-class teachers.


Get your team speaking fluent German, with courses customized to your company’s needs.

Frequently asked questions​

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A portion of your course fees may be covered by the BAMF or other government institutions if you meet their criteria. When you decide to sign up for one of our courses, we’ll help you get the lowest price possible.

Type Price
Cost exempt
Government supported
Private paying

Yes, we’re an official telc exam center and offer all exams from A1 to C2, including the DTZ and LiD exams required by the BAMF. Email us to sign up.

Exam Price
DTZ (A2/B1)
LiD (Life in Germany)
telc A1
telc A2
telc B2
telc C1

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