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A Better Way to Learn German

There is more to learning German than sitting in a classroom. We teach you practical language skills. You use them in daily life—with friends, at the store, or anywhere else. Together, we strengthen your language proficiency.

Practical Learning Approach​

Apply your German language skills in daily life, starting on your first day of class.​

Discover the Actual Language​​

Forget about artificial classroom situations. Learn German how it's used in the real world.​​​

Remarkably Qualified Teachers​​​

Enjoy better German lessons. 100% of our teachers have industry-leading qualifications.​​​

Constantly Improved Courses​​​

Experience our dedication to improving forever, made possible through our rigorous quality control.​​

Learn German wherever you are.

Superior German Online Courses

Don’t waste your time and money on another mediocre online course. Learn from our exceptionally qualified teachers and get more live classes than typical.

More Time with Your Teacher

Get more live classes instead of being forced to learn by yourself.

Free From Distractions

Learn German in your preferred environment, without typical classroom distractions.

Hundreds of Learning Materials

Access hundreds of extra learning materials included for free.

7 Day Refund Guarantee

Try the course for a week. Get a full refund if you are not satisfied.

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In-Person German Courses

The Best Way to Learn German in Person

Experience outstanding German courses in Düsseldorf and Essen. Benefit from our constant improvements and learn German from extremely qualified teachers. Follow the footsteps of over 20k happy students before you.

Measure Your Progress​

We test and optimize your progress to ensure you advance effectively.​

Perfectly Prepared for Your Exam​

Master your German exam with our targeted preparation, included in your language course.​

Leading Quality Standards​

Master your German exam with our targeted preparation, included in your language course.​

Ideal School Locations​

Master your German exam with our targeted preparation, included in your language course.​

Let’s make it official.

German Language Exams

Certify your German knowledge and get an internationally recognized certificate. We are a leading telc exam center and offer a wide range of exams for every use case.

For Immigration​

Get your DTZ and LiD certificates as an essential milestone in your immigration process.​

For Education​

Apply to universities around Europe with a recognized certificate for education.​​

For Work​

Certify your knowledge. Get higher chances at landing a new job or getting a raise.​

For Yourself​

Find out how good your German really is. Get a certificate that is recognized worldwide.​

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